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Automobile Matching service

Automobile Match MakerCar Lease Advisors does simply that, we match buyers and sellers nationwide There are many sellers  who desire to have locate a buyer to take over their payments.

Car Lease Advisors has devised a system to allow for an individual to get out from an obligation monthly which the seller may no longer be able to afford. In most cases the seller remains upside down, meaning they owe more on the automobile than its actual value. Many times this is the seller with very few options which may lead to a repossession or a bankruptcy to get out from under the obligation.

Car Lease Advisors provides a service in which we match buyers and sellers that have a like desire to do a transaction.Car Lease Advisors receives syndicated information from various auto publications of sellers attempting to get out of a  bad deal.Car Lease Advisors has a waiting list of buyers that have a desire to take over a sellers payment.

I often hear clients say they called their leasing company and were instructed they may not sub lease the car. Technically this is true, if you walk into a dealership with the intention of leasing a car knowing very well you would turn around and lease the car to a third-party you would be in default of the lease agreement. If however you no longer wanted the car or could no longer afford the car, you most certainly have the right to allow another person to use the car and make the payments. I know from much experience that the lenders care about one thing, that someone is making the payment.

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