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cla-logoCover Your Monthly Payments Through Our Peer to Peer Rental Program

 A seller should never allow another individual to take over their lease payments without the proper guidance and protections offered by a time tested program.  has developed a service to find a qualified rider which is willing to obligate themselves to taking over your remaining monthly payments. In most cases the seller remains upside down, meaning they owe more on the automobile than its actual value,  leaving the seller with very  few options. Thinking about a voluntary repossession, please click here immediately.

Car Matching Service
Once you decide to place your vehicle in the Car Lease Advisors Peer to Peer Marketplace we typically have a new user paying your monthly payments within thirty days. To learn more about what we require from the buyer please click here. Below is a list of required qualifications the buyer must meet, click here to see the matching process the buyer will go through. Below is what you should expect the process to be for the seller;

How The Sellers Process Works:

  • We start by having the seller complete our online application, click here
  • Upload a copy of your lease or finance contract by clicking here
  • Please have the car washed and detailed if needed prior to photos.
  • Upload a minimum of ten pictures or more if available.
  • Upload a copy of your drivers license.
  • Once qualified we enter the vehicle into our Matching service.
  • Sign and execute the Car Lease Advisors permission form allowing us to find you a match with a buyer.

The Next step In The Process

 Once all of the general housekeeping is out of the way we are ready to go to work. 

  • Build a one page website reflecting the vehicle and specifications
  • Advertise the vehicle on and other affiliated websites
  • Set up a dedicated phone number (24/7)  for your car with recorded information
  • Locate a qualified buyer
  • Place buyer through our quality assurance system
  • Receive deposit in Attorneys Escrow account for GPS and Starter relay device.
  • Have the buyer sign and execute all needed paperwork

Seller Pre-Delivery Process

Once a buyer is secured for the Car Lease Advisors Matching Service we start making preparation for the new user.

  • Make arrangements for the seller to drop off vehicle for the installation of the GPS installation.
  • Meet a Car Lease Advisors representative to complete all paperwork.
  • Seller should maintain insurance until we have confirmation of buyers insurance.

Buyer Delivery Process

Upon installation of the GPS device the buyer is notified the vehicle is ready.

  • Buyer meets with a Car Lease Advisors representative at the GPS shop.
  • All documents are executed and notarized as needed.
  • All required documents are confirmed received.
  • Confirmation buyers car insurance is effective.
  • Vehicle condition inspection report signed and executed.
  • Car Match USA confirms GPS device is operational.
  • Any balance due from buyer is collected.

Car Match USA will confirm each payment is made timely as called for in the agreement.  It really is that simple.

Additional questions?

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