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Peer to Peer Renting, The New Trend

Car Lease Advisors works with buyers throughout United States. After the recent financial crisis which overtook this Country there are many buyers that are well-equipped to purchase a car, have ample monthly income but remain challenged to find conventional financing based on traditional credit standards.

If as a buyer you find yourself in this situation Car Lease Advisors has a solution. We work with  sellers that will allow you to take over their monthly payments on their car lease or loan. This is an arrangement thatCar Lease Advisors provides through our peer to Peer Marketplace. Click here for the most common FAQ’s.

We match sellers that for one reason or another no longer wish to maintain their monthly payments, with buyers that struggle to obtain conventional financing. This is a wonderful solution for both buyers and sellers to achieve what both parties desire. Click here to see if you qualify, & take over lease payments today on the car of your dreams.

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