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Does the seller pay any fees?

NO. Any and all fees are absorbed by the buyer

Will the buyer obtain their own insurance?

Yes. The insurance will name both the seller and finance company as a loss payee on the buyers insurance plan.

How Long Must I Maintain My Insurance

We ask that you maintain your insurance until which time we have proof of Insurance from the Buyer. Normally this is thirty days.

Where does the buyer make their payments?

All payments are submitted directly to the finance or leasing company by the new user of the vehicle.

Why are the payments made directly to the lease or finance company?

It is critical that the buyer make their payments in a timely manner. Making payments directly to the finance or leasing company assures we can track the payments are being made timely.

Is it legal to have someone else make my payments?

Yes. However it is illegal to transfer the interest or sell the vehicle without receiving prior permission from your lender or leasing company. In our process you are not selling an interest in the car, you are allowing another individual to borrower the car and make the payments.

What happens if the buyer misses a payment?

The buyer is given a forty-eight (48) hour grace period. If the payment is not tendered on time  will immediately disarm the engine making the automobile in operable. This allows for quick retrieval of the automobile if needed.

Why must I change the mailing address with my insurance company?

It is imperative that the insurance be maintained and enforce at all times. Any notifications concerning a lapse of insurance will be realized instantly byCar Lease Advisors.

What happens when the buyer completes all of the payments?

Since you remain the owner of the automobile until such time the buyer completes all payments the title will be sent to you upon the buyer making their final payment. The Law Firm will assist you in transferring the title to the buyer at that time.

Can the buyer refinance the Automobile prior to making all of the payments?

It is typically the intention of the buyer to place the car in their name. Many times this will happen long before the buyer completes all payments.

How long does this transaction take to complete?

After you place your vehicle into the Car Lease Advisors matching service we immediately have one of our agents perform the installation of the GPS tracking device. We then contact the buyer and confirm they have obtained insurance and can provide proof thereof. Prior to the buyer completing the paper work and taking delivery of the car we need confirmation from their insurance company that coverage of the automobile is enforce. This entire process is completed within thirty days from the time you decide to work with Car Lease Advisors.

Must I be current on my loan payments before I can have the buyer take of the payments?

If you find yourself in a position of being one or two payments behind you still qualify for the Car Lease Advisors matching service. In the event your are three or more payments behind we would kindly ask you to consult with the law firm prior to attempting a match.

Why did Car Lease Advisors team up with Attorney Advocates of America?

Attorney Advocates has served consumers for many years throughout the United States. Being a consumer driven law firm was exactly whatCar Lease Advisors was looking for. The president and managing partner of the Law Firm has been a licensed Attorney for more than thirty-five years. We have retained the Law firm for the sole purpose of coordinating the needed paper work for closing the transaction, handling of all escrow activity.

Who pays the Law Firm?

The Law Firm charges the buyer directly for those services provided by the firm.

Does the Law Firm provide any other services?

Yes, the Law Firm provides help with clients which suffer from too much debt, as well as helping client rehabilitate their credit record.

What is the Law Firm Name and contact information?

The managing partner of the Law Firm is Henry N. Portner, licensed currently in six States. You may reach the Law Firm at 561-354-0616 or 515 N. Flager Dr in  West Palm Beach, FL 33401.

I'm late on my car payments, can I still join the Car Lease Advisors program?

If you are more than two payments or more in arrears you would need to qualify by consulting with our closing Attorney. It is possible under certain conditions that the law firm can have you monthly late payments deferred. Please speck to a law firm paralegal for more information or contact a Car Lease Advisor. 

How does a buyer qualify for the Car Lease Advisors matching program?

You must have a valid driver’s license, a bank statement of a checking account in your name (or that of your company if self-employed) at a domestic Bank or Credit Union, proof of residence, proof of current insurance and the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least five personal references (friends and family). You must have a clean criminal and DUI  history for the prior ten-year period. 

What if the buyer has a challenging credit history?

A little honesty goes a long way. We are looking for honest people more so than those with good credit. If you can prove your income and your ability to afford the payments on the vehicle you desire, you will be approved. 

Upon buyer approval how quickly can I take delivery of the car from the seller?

Once approved, you are required to make a cash deposit or to wire transfer the first monthly payment to hold the vehicle pending its delivery. If you can pick up your vehicle in person, you must bring cash or a cashier check for the acquisition fee payable to the Law Firm which is acting as the closing agent. If the vehicle must be transported,Car Lease Advisors will coordinate the arrangements with you. You may obtain your own transport or accept the transportation company provided by Car Lease Advisors. Once delivery has been arranged, you must wire transfer the acquisition fee to the Law Firm. The wire must be received prior to pickup. The transporter must be paid upon delivery for the transportation cost.. 

How does the buyer make their monthly payments?

 Monthly payments will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account each month via an ACH transaction. You are not required to pay by Cashier check or money order. If you choose a payment method other than an ACH transaction, you may be assessed a 3% processing fee. 

Please Contact Your Car Lease Advisor With Any Questions

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