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Car Lease Advisors National Ride Share Program No Credit Check

Bad Credit Auto LoansCar Lease Advisors offers late model cars at prices normally found at the dealership for folks with great credit. The Car Lease Advisors easy lease/finance program does not base our approval process on your credit report or credit score, but rather your proof of employment & residency. We also take a look at your driving record, specifically looking for DUI’s within the last five years.

How Long Does The Process Take?

When you complete our online questionnaire you’ll have an answer within three hours. Most times we can have you driving your new car within three days.

Why Do We Need To Place A Deposit With Car Lease Advisors?

Your deposit allows us to hold your car for up to seven days and get it prepared for delivery. Your deposit is placed with our escrow Attorney and may be paid by credit card or direct deposit. Once we received your deposit we get the wheels in motion. Our first step is to install a GPS into the vehicle.

How Long Has Lease Advisors Been In Business

Car Lease Advisors is a Nationwide Leader in affordable leasing for people with challenged credit. We understand that bad things happen to good people and we have helped many people get into a late model vehicle at affordable prices.

How The Process Works:
The buyer first locates a car they have an interest in.
Buyer completes the online questionnaire, we will send you a link.
Your file is then sent for approval.
Once approved our Escrow Attorney will forward you the buyers package.
After your deposit we will prepare the vehicle for delivery.
We deliver the car and you drive off into the sunset, very happy!

Taking Possession Of Vehicle:

Upon approval it’s time to deliver the car to the buyer.
We schedule a time convenient to you & setup a delivery time.
Upon delivery our representative will complete an inspection report.
You may pay your outstanding balance with a cashiers check or cash upon delivery.
We schedule (if applicable) the transport company to pick up and deliver the vehicle.
It really is that simple. Most times a buyer may take delivery of their new vehicle within three days of completing the online questionnaire.


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