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Sellers Vehicle Concierge Service

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Sellers Concierge Service

Ever desire having your own personal concierge? When you decide to advertise your vehicle with  that is exactly what you will have. If your car qualifies  you will have a 100% guarantee that the car will sell within sixty days. If not we refund 100% of our fee. How’s that for confidence.

You will no longer need to deal with the phone calls, text and emails when attempting to sell your car. And you will have a piece of mind that the car will be sold, as we only accept those cars into the program which we know has a 95% chance of selling. The Car Lease Advisors Concierge Services works with sellers who wish to sell there car. This program is typically used for sellers who own their car outright or have the car financed.

As we do not receive a commission on the sale of the car and do offer a guarantee if you qualify, a Car Lease Advisor will give you an honest opinion as to the value of your car.

Concierge Limited Services

 As with selling anything it’s all about the method of advertising you perform. Most people think they will place an ad in the local city which they reside on craigslist and have success. Most often this is not the case. Most people find it very frustrating to sell a car. Hence our concierge service. Our limited concierge service offers the following services;

  • Advertise your vehicle in three of the largest cities within your State including the city where you reside.
  • Advertise you car on Ebay Nationwide.
  • Advertise the car on Car Lease Advisors.
  • Handle all inbound phone calls and negotiate with buyer.
  • Dedicated hone number with voice message detailing car.

 When selling a car it comes down to three things; reaching enough potential buyers whom may have an interest in your vehicle. Preparing the best possible presentation of the automobile and corresponding with potential buyers. Most people find this difficult as they need to manage their family and work environment which leave very little time to communicate with buyers. Not to mention some of the very strange calls and text you may receive. If your car is priced properly we will have it sold within thirty days of you listing the car with Car Lease Advisors.

Concierge Express Services

 This package will include all elements of the concierge limited services with the addition of the following services;

  • Expand our advertising reach to six cities plus the city where you reside.
  • Send out an inspector to produce an inspection report on the car.
  • Professional photos of the car to be used for our marketing and advertising.

Concierge Deluxe Services

 In our deluxe package we leave nothing to chance. This package will include the following features in addition to what has been mentioned in the above packages;

  • Expand our advertising reach to eleven cities plus the city where you reside.
  • Produce a sixty second video commercial of your vehicle.
  • Provide escrow services through the law firm.
  • Provide closing services to complete the transaction.

As car enthusiast we understand all to well what its like to sell a car. To learn more about how Car Lease Advisors can relive you of the burden of selling your car please contact us today.

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