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Welcome to Car Lease Advisors. We match buyers and sellers that share a common objective. Many sellers find themselves in a lease which they desire to exit for one reason or another, but find themselves locked in.

Finding someone to take over your lease is not easy. Not to mention many lease companies will not assist in transferring the lease or will force the original seller to remain financially obligated through the remaining lease term.

Car Lease Advisors offers two programs, a formal lease transfer through your lease company (if allowed) or our Peer To Peer RideShare Marketplace. RideShare is now supported by many car manufactures with the likes of Ally Bank, Ford Motor Credit and other players such as Google, OnStar and others actively offering RideShare. Call today to see if your car qualifies.

Call a Car Lease Advisor and see if you qualify for our thirty-day transfer guarantee program. If so we will guarantee to have a qualified buyer take over your payments within thirty days of you joining our program.

(888) 908-6628